Britain shrugged

Today Britain apparently voted herself free of that most insidious, bureaucratic, statist, autocratic organisation: the EU. Wow! Fantastic! This is proof that the fatal tendency to bigger government is NOT irreversible. Maybe this market signal will get through to Brussells…. maybe!

Here’s to all those who love freedom and hate Big Brother. Thank you all you British who voted for freedom, despite the alleged economic risks. Any state or pseudo-state that legislates the size and shape of CUCUMBERS (the example that instantly turned me against the EU when I heard of it years ago) is a danger to freedom, sanity, and the survival of the Western Way.


3 thoughts on “Britain shrugged

  1. No doubt you investigated the facts behind the ‘cucumber’ claim before you ‘instantly’ turned against the EU years ago Peter…or did you? In regard to bananas, which have had the same sorts of claims made about them in the hyperbolic rhetoric of the Brexit campaign this might interest you : (fro May 2016)

    Bananas have always been classified by quality and size for international trade. Because the standards, set by individual governments and the industry, were confusing, the European Commission was asked to draw up new rules.

    Commission regulation 2257/94 decreed that bananas in general should be “free from malformation or abnormal curvature”. Those sold as “extra class” must be perfect, “class 1” can have “slight defects of shape” and “class 2” can have full-scale “defects of shape”.

    Nothing is banned under the regulation, which sets grading rules requested by industry to make sure importers – including UK wholesalers and supermarkets – know exactly what they will be getting when they order a box of bananas.


    1. Sounds reasonable Dave… until you wonder how much it cost to draft rule 2257/94, how much to police it,and no doubt review it, and what the cumulative effect of it and the preceding 2257 times how many ///s had on small businesses. Informal networks are much better. A bad trader will go out of business pretty fast. That’s how Trademe and Ebay feedback works…


  2. Yes, yes, yes… and the then there’s the Spanish out of work immigrant who required the UK to pay benefits to his family back in Spain, and took it to the EU who found for him, so that the UK is now paying benefits to families in Poland and all over the EU …

    I have friends who went out of business when the Common Market took over, and their fresh, locally grown produce couldn’t compete with low prices from overseas…


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