A Logo of the True West …?

THETRUEWEST logo tree and celtic moon copy

Draft only…

I’ve been thinking what does represent the True West best, most unambiguously, without any reference to bad episodes in the actual western history? So a viking-looking ship isn’t a safe choice, though sailing to new lands is a very Western thing.

So, a Tree of Life perhaps? Grounded in the Earth and reaching for the sky. With a glowing crystal of knowledge and communication (borrowed from my True-Western fantasy Apples of Aeden, where each World Tree has a Heartstone).

What do you think?

Oh yes, here’s the PDF of the Declaration with this new logo in it:

Declaration for etching 300318


Icons of the True West, anyone?

Googling didn’t find me much on this at all – what are the images and icons that people who love the ideals of the West, as distinct from a western country or western religion, use? Is there such an icon? Could someone or some group invent one? Could we?

In that spirit, I will submit some images for your feedback. The one I put on the poster is one idea only – the ship sailing to new lands representing new understandings, knowledge, wisdom. Only trouble is, the Vikings, Columbus and his Conquistadors… 😦

So I wonder is the Tree of Life a possibility? Perhaps with a jewel as in my Apples of Aeden fantasy? The jewel representing the high crafts such as that of Feanor in the Silmarillion, who made the Silmaril gems… and the Tree representing growth, life, the connection of Earth and Sky i.e. the Balance… and a lot more besides… but none so far taken by bad groups or specifically national or religious groups. A unifying umbrella graphic for the love of the True West would be I think Awesome…

Anyway, the ship I did does have the Jewel or as it is called in Apples of Aeden the Heartstone, on its mast. Not fully refined yet, but…

THETRUEWEST SHIP LOGO FOR WOODCUT copy  I will add a picture of the Tree of Life when I’ve done one… follow this blog to get email notifications – thank you in advance for your feedback and encouragement, whether through criticism or agreement – or both!