Proof number 2 of A Declaration of the True West

In green ink, after going over all the letters with the Dremel… Getting there… ‘Without a vision the people perish’… may we all re-imagine what it can and should be like to be in the (True) West. .. Gondor, Numinor before the falling away…


An embossed print first proof of newly engraved Declaration of the True West

Just a quick trial, a rapid prototype …but exciting to get to this stage. Now re-engraving and getting a better blanket to press the dampened card into the letters… So, just been reading Jim Rickards’ ‘Road to Ruin’ – this is a bit of an antidote to the bad prognosis for the financial system and our democracies…

A Logo of the True West …?

THETRUEWEST logo tree and celtic moon copy

Draft only…

I’ve been thinking what does represent the True West best, most unambiguously, without any reference to bad episodes in the actual western history? So a viking-looking ship isn’t a safe choice, though sailing to new lands is a very Western thing.

So, a Tree of Life perhaps? Grounded in the Earth and reaching for the sky. With a glowing crystal of knowledge and communication (borrowed from my True-Western fantasy Apples of Aeden, where each World Tree has a Heartstone).

What do you think?

Oh yes, here’s the PDF of the Declaration with this new logo in it:

Declaration for etching 300318

Icons of the True West, anyone?

Googling didn’t find me much on this at all – what are the images and icons that people who love the ideals of the West, as distinct from a western country or western religion, use? Is there such an icon? Could someone or some group invent one? Could we?

In that spirit, I will submit some images for your feedback. The one I put on the poster is one idea only – the ship sailing to new lands representing new understandings, knowledge, wisdom. Only trouble is, the Vikings, Columbus and his Conquistadors… 😦

So I wonder is the Tree of Life a possibility? Perhaps with a jewel as in my Apples of Aeden fantasy? The jewel representing the high crafts such as that of Feanor in the Silmarillion, who made the Silmaril gems… and the Tree representing growth, life, the connection of Earth and Sky i.e. the Balance… and a lot more besides… but none so far taken by bad groups or specifically national or religious groups. A unifying umbrella graphic for the love of the True West would be I think Awesome…

Anyway, the ship I did does have the Jewel or as it is called in Apples of Aeden the Heartstone, on its mast. Not fully refined yet, but…

THETRUEWEST SHIP LOGO FOR WOODCUT copy  I will add a picture of the Tree of Life when I’ve done one… follow this blog to get email notifications – thank you in advance for your feedback and encouragement, whether through criticism or agreement – or both!

A Declaration of the True West, 1.0

Friends of the True West! Do kindly read this and give me ANY feedback that occurs to you before it’s set in stone (or steel plate actually – for printing as an etched-embossed poster, version 1.0). Here is the digital poster of the draft, and the text below it in case you want to copy and paste and edit to repost or share – all I ask is add to the end ‘modified by’…. and your name and contact. Or if you love it as is, share freely! Comments welcomed too, for me to look at modifications. I want to put something out there that focuses on the common ideals of the Western culture, not on all that falls short in so many ways as we all know it has and does – hence ‘The TRUE West’…

declaration as if printed with green

The text:

A Declaration of the True West

Stand strong against the encroaching barbarism, all who honour these things:

FREEDOM – Individual freedom of all thought and action except to harm others unjustly.

DEMOCRACY – A belief in collaboration with other free individuals to create, declare and operate companies, districts, states, republics and nations.

JUSTICE – One law for all, democratically framed and improved to always protect the rights of every person.

OWNERSHIP – The right to profit from the creation and trading of goods with other free individuals.

DYNAMISM – Enthusiasm to change things, and oneself, for the better.

TRUTH – Recognition of a non-material reality which may be explored and elucidated by the mind. The sum of This reality we call the Ground of Being, God, or the One.

NATURE – A belief in Laws of Nature and their discoverability. A respect for Nature as an ordered whole within the One.

HISTORY – A belief in the progression of all things from a beginning to an end. We can learn from the past and shape the future.

LEARNING – It is better to know; ignorance is not bliss.

REPENTANCE – An acceptance that human fallibility requires us to often turn back, change our mind, reform.

LOVE – A desire that all our transactions be guided by appreciation and respect for all things and persons.

BEAUTY – An acceptance that pragmatic goals must be balanced with the pursuit of romantic beauty.

DEFENCE – Of our rights, property and lands. The courage to die for these values, these friends who honour them. Peter Harris, Dreamspace, Gisborne, NZ 20/3/18

An Old Wooden Printing Machine and a Declaration: What the True West Is


I’ve had a project simmering for a while which the awful movie The Last Jedi has pushed onto the front burner: the making or co-creating of a kind of ‘Magna Carta’ declaration of the True West – what it is and why the current backsliding, self-sabotaging version of it we have today is still vastly worth defending, if necessary with our lives, and at the very LEAST with our pens and printing machines.

Today at a coffee ‘bubble’ (I love bubbles, whether drinks or quiet conversation bubbles – just not the asset kind which is about to implode – but that’s a detail compared with the big picture of what we’re doing to our culture) with Raewyn my wife we were nerdishly reading two of the books we got at a garage sale – one was The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet, and the other a book of poems by Spike Milligan, Open Heart University. I read one poem which stood out for me as I do printmaking and hope to do much more:

To Toni Savage and his Old Wooden Printing Machine

When the great tree

Loomed from high-falling,

Her green head pitching down,

Till the great body lay still-straight,

Was she to be heard no more?

Men took her, Piece by piece

And togethered her again,

In new bowen shape

and from her dead body

Words came, and those printed sounds

were stamped with loving care on

the warp and binded weave

of a paper made – from her sister.

Sober truth survives

Her breeze still blows

on the mind of men

and sinks such roots

As no tree, has ever sunk.

So Toni used some of the timber to make a woodcut printing block, I assume. I thought, Yes! I had been thinking of using etched steel, but symbolically it would be wonderful to make a woodcut, and print a poster like the Magna Carta or Luther’s 95 Theses, on flax paper to outlast the ephemeral pulp fiction of the newspapers and popular books hastening the downfall of the West.